Agogo State SHS teachers flog students for fetching water outside campus

For the fact that they decided to fetch water from outside of the school compound,some teachers of the school were reported to have flogged their Students to pulp.

Agogo State SHS teachers flog students for fetching water outside campus

Ten students of Agogo State Senior High School within the Ashanti Akim North District of the Ashanti Region have a shocker of their lives following the merciless flogging by their teachers for fetching water outside the school campus.

The students sustained various degrees of cane wounds following their decision to fetch water from the community near the school rather than the school.

According to the report, the students took the decision due to water shortage on the campus, and while returning to the campus, the teachers numbering about six called them into the staff room and flogged them.

The students after being beaten went home according to the report only to be sent to the hospital by their parents for treatment.

The students told Abusua FM that the incident wasn’t the first time what they termed "inhumane treatment" had been meted out to students at the least provocation addhe, "The teachers are fond of maltreating students".

Some parents in an interview expressed displeasure over the conduct of the teachers and asked the Ghana Education Service to reprimand the teachers.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) 2019 banned any form of corporal punishment in primary and secondary schools all over Ghana.

In a statement issued by the then Deputy Director General of GES, Anthony Boateng, said teachers are expected to use alternative sanctions as measures for correcting students in schools.

“This is given the Positive Discipline Toolkit containing positive and constructive alternatives to correcting children which were developed in 2016 as a component of the Safe Schools Resource Pack.

The statement added that “apart from the physical pain corporal punishment inflicts on children, this approach also causes significant emotional damage.

Some of the lasting effects of this method of disciplining school children include physical scars, emotional scars (trauma, fear, timidity, etc.), and violent behavior.”

Steps suggested in the toolkit to address student behavior include setting class rules with students, encouraging them to be of good behavior, and getting students to recite statements periodically to confirm their adherence to standards of behavior set for the classroom.

They also include explaining to the child why a particular behavior he or she has exhibited is unacceptable.

The toolkit also recommended punishments such as withdrawal of responsibility or removal from a leadership position, cleaning, changing of seating position, assignment of extra tasks, and writing of lines, eg. A full book of “I will never talk in class again".