Afia Schwar tried to introduce me to a lesbian cult - Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi has vowed to expose the dark works of Afia Schwarzenegger both spiritually and physically.

Afia Schwar tried to introduce me to a lesbian cult - Ayisha Modi
Afia Schwarzenegger

Clashes between Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha Modi keeps getting intense following the latter's denial of the allegation levelled against her that she(Modi) is a lesbian.

According to Ayisha, Schwar tried to initiate her into the lesbian cult which she declined.

The former music producer has told that the controversial Slay Queen used to come to her house as late as 3 am with the intention of initiating her into the lesbianism club but she eschewed the evil deed and distanced herself from such acts.

In a video on Instagram live, Modi stated Schwarz's claims were not true adding that she (Afia Schwar) was the one who tried to introduce her to that act.

Afia schwar on a Facebook live video accused Modi of engaging in same-sex activities with a pastor’s wife. Although no names were mention yet Ayisha Modi's affiliation with the wife of Rev. Obofo's wife, Ciara has led people to point fingers.

She further disclosed that Afia Schwar has counted on her on several occasions for money to feed her daughter Pena, adding that she has audios to buttress her allegations.

Ayisha further described Afia as a blackmailer and a witch who destroy the lives of people who refuse to side with her. She then threatened to deal with the slay queen spiritually and physically and also expose all her dark secrets.