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Learn how you can reach your target audience using Acecpro advertiser account to grow faster and better online. Your Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Android App Ads will be served on our Publisher's websites, Blogs, and Android Apps, through desktop and mobile devices. Use geographical and Keyword Targeting for your PPC, CPM and mobile advertisements to reach your target audience. Our system scares and optimizes your Ads for optimal performance giving you the best value for your Ad budget.


Learn how you can increase your income by 85% from your web pages using Acecpro publisher account. Monetize with Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Android App ads which are most relevant to your site content. Earn revenue based on PPC and CPM you receive on our ads displayed in your pages. Filter out advertisements of your competitors from your ad display units.

What is Soireenews Advertising?

Soireenews is an online advertising and monetizing solution for both advertisers and publishers. Our Ad Network serves as a bridge for online advertisers and publishers across the globe. We currently have Office in Kumasi-Ghana and  Forth-Worth, Texas USA. Our team of experts work round the clock creating more innovative and effective online advertising tools to enhance Ad targeting to ensure optimal results for our advertisers while at the same time we ensure our publishers maximize their revenue publishing Ads in their Apps, websites and Blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ad Network serves as a bridge for online advertisers and publishers across the globe.

Each and every click you are getting for your ads are gone through so many verification procedures and it will be counted only if it is identified as a legitimate click. Our fraudulent click tracking system is well capable of identifying all invalid/repeated clicks as well as fraudulent publisher clicks.
You may place any number of ad blocks in your webpage. But for each subsequent ad code, we recommend you to generate the display code again.
Currently we support Paypal and Check withdrawals. You may raise a withdrawal request from your publisher login area.
Advertiser ads will be displayed on our network sites, search engines as well as our partner
Ad formats are pretty simple to manage and you can create your ad block code yourself. You may decide how many text ads you would like to show as well as the banner ad formats.
You may raise a withdrawal request if you have at least $50 in your account.

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