A-Plus Place Heavy Prices On Daughter

A-Plus has shown off his daughters to caution guys to be careful about them in a video.

A-Plus Place Heavy Prices On Daughter
A Plus and daughters

Ghanaian musician and political critic, Kwame A-Plus has shown his three beautiful teenage daughters to the world.

In a viral video, the social media commentator professed his never-ending love for his girls on social media.

The young teenagers seem to be the direct opposite of their father with their character and how they spoke.

The girls appeared to be shy and reserved, while on the contrary A-plus is well-known to be very prejudiced.

They have taken after their mother who is also very good with staying off social media.

“Ama, Betty, and Akua” are their names aged,”16, 14, and 13.”

Knowing very well some distorted Ghanaian men will start harassing and professing love to his teenage daughters, A-plus laid down some basic rules for guys and possible suitors who want to have any relationship with them.

He sent a strong caution to guys to stay away from the girls because they are still young and need to stay focused, according to the laws of the country then he continued with his rules.

At such age, they are still regarded as minors according to the laws of Ghana but look older than their ages.

He continued that any guy interested in his daughters must come with brains in his head and his pocket fully loaded if not that no one should come to his house.