The Contest For National Chairmanship:Godwin Ako Gunn Writes

The contest for the National Chairmanship gets tough

The Contest For National Chairmanship:Godwin Ako Gunn Writes

The cat is out of the bag now, and the National Chairmanship race among other things will have two friends, Hon. Ofosu Ampofo and Hon. Johnson Asiedu Nketia contesting.

For some, it has been an open secret, and to others the "is it true" calls will come to an end. Personally, working with these two personalities has been a huge learning process. They are committed to no fault. Hard working, and ready to teach and guide us the younger ones. I have great love and respect for them.

They have both guided me very well and given me opportunities to excel. I can only wish them well. The love and respect these men have with the rank and file of the NDC party has caused many to ask; can't we go back to the days of co-chairmanship in order to allow us have these astute politicians lead the charge for the 2024 elections? This speaks volumes of what both of them bring to the table.

For us the young ones, this is another learning curve. The faster you understand the proverb "akwada b) nwa, )mm) akyekyede3" the better for you. A child can break the shell of the snail but not that of the tortoise.

May the good Lord lead us carefully as we navigate this process to a fruitful end. The bigger success is in 2024 and it is not beyond our reach. Let's kindly respect everyone's decision in life. Love for all, hate for none !!! We shall overcome !!! KUN FA YAKUN