45-Year-Old Man dead in his Room

Abeiku Essel died in his room without anyone consent.

45-Year-Old Man dead in his Room
Deceased, Abeiku Essel

A 45-year-old man Abeiku Essel has been found dead in his room at Mankessim in the Mfantsman Municipal of the Central Region.

In an interview with Soireenews Correspondent, Abusuapanyin Kojo Ahinful, the Assemblyman of Anaafo Electoral Area, Hon Cephas Arthur said there was information circulating that a man called Abeiku Essel has died in his room and rotten.

The man is in his 40s and a drunkard. He said no one knows the cause of his death.

Abeiku has been in his room for the past 4 days now, smelling badly in the house and affecting the entire area.

The Assemblyman continued to advise that, tenants should be each others keeper by checking one another especially when the person has been out of sight for days.

He advised that tenants must inform their co-tenant whenever they are travelling in order to know their whereabouts when necessary. 

Abusuapanyin Kojo Ahinful, Central Region