10-year old boy Killed by two teenagers has been buried

The burial of the boy who is a Muslim had been delayed due to investigations by the Police who indicated they could not hand the body over to the family until all the necessary investigations are done.

10-year old boy Killed by two teenagers has been buried
Burial Service for deceased.

Ishmael Mensa has been buried today, Thursday, April 8, 2021, at the Kasoa Amanfrom Cemetery.

The 10-year old boy killed by his friend, Nicholas Niki and Felix Nyarko for money rituals at Lamptey Mills, a suburb of Kasoa in the  Ga-South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region was laid to rest following his tragic death.

Among the dignitaries who attended the service were the Ga- South Member of Parliament, Honourable Sylvester Matthew Tetteh, Ga- south Divisional command, some Military men, and other Chief Imam at Great Lamptey.

The deceased was bid farewell by his school friends from Maranatha Preparatory School.

The MP for  Ga-south Municipality, Honourable Sylvester Matthew Tetteh took the opportunity to console the family and the whole people of  Ga-South and advised children to quit friendship which can jeopardise their future and end the lives untimely.

He finally counselled the society to be each brother's keeper in nurturing their wards to avoid a repetition of the sad incident.

He assured that both the Fetish priest and the two teenagers will be seriously dealt with by the law for their recalcitrant act.