Still they are Sakawa boys - Asiedu Nketia tags the NPP

The General Secretary of the opposition party has rubbished certain implementations of the incumbent government.

Still they are Sakawa boys - Asiedu Nketia tags the NPP
Johnson Asiedu Nketia, General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress

The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia has accused the incumbent government for engaging in transactions which is aimed at sustaining the pockets of the country leaders than serving the interests of Ghanaians.

According to him, the Agyapa deal, which is all about using the nation’s resources to leverage for assets is purposely for the gains of individual personalities in government hence the need for Ghanaians to be vigilant and vote the NPP out.



At the NDC Townhall meeting in Kumasi, he informed that the opposition party is not in support of certain decisions made under the NPP government's reign, a will power they see as a drawback to the growth of the country.

"Ghana as a nation is endowed with Gold and other rich minerals, which improved the lives of the youth through mining,” he said.

“The government banned individual mining activity with reasons we thought were tangible. We accepted that yet after the trade was banned, the same government wants to leverage the nation’s resources into the Agyapa deal. In the first place, we have no what this Agyapa deal is all about and yet the president expects the finance minister, who saves at Tax Haven, (backed by the CHRAJ report) to deposit our asset also at tax haven, who will be a witness when something goes wrong?

“It is like making savings to dwarfs, how will they account to us? The NPP is still Sakawa boys,” he teased.



Asiedu Nketia rubbished the government’s decision to abandon the Neoplan Assembling factory in Kumasi to permit a VW Assembly Plant in the capital city of Ghana. The president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo unveiled the first VW vehicles assembled in the newly established VW Assembly Plant in Ghana last month, and the models being assembled included Tiguan, Teramont, Amarok, Caddy, Polo, and Passat.

According to the opposition General secretary, the government’s decision to forsake the importation of salvage cars is detrimental to the second-hand car production industry in Ghana through which the majority of Ghanaians make a living.

“There is a Neoplan assembly plant here in Ghana. When President Rawlings was in power then, he imported chassis of the buses for assembling, and during its arrival, the former president Kufuor took the glory for it when the buses were built.



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“So if we have that factory in Kumasi and we need a factory that can assembly cars, why do we have to abandon the Neoplan factory to build a VW in Accra?

“Magazine workers buy second-hand spare parts to empower their work and yet we want to eliminate their trade in the name of building a VW factory in the capital. The VW factories are coming from Germany and they have not banned second-hand cars in their country. why do we have to sanction ours for the reason that Ghana now assembles brand new cars?



“Lot of people depend on second-hand cars and body parts for a living, so what is the significance of abandoning our source of income due to someone’s production?” he inquired.

Finally, he attacked the NPPP for creeping into their manifesto for ideas following their criticisms that the NDC have no knowledge of governing a country.



“One thing I will ask you is that the uninformed teacher and his students, which of the two is knowledgeable?” he asked.

“NDC has been tagged as an uninformed party by them (NPP) and yet after we compiled our manifesto, they have started implementing our ideas whiles we are not yet in government. If the so-called big men are taking advantage of the uninformed teacher’s ideas, then that should tell you that the NDC is better.”