Spurs is where Bale wants to be - Agent confirms

The Wales international spoke of a move in the Premier League last week and is revealed to be interesting in reuniting with his former side.

Spurs is where Bale wants to be - Agent confirms
Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is pushing for a loan move to his former side, Tottenham Hotspurs.

His agent, Jonathan Barnett told BBC Radio Wales that concrete discussions are ongoing with Jose Mourinho’s side to make the move complete before the transfer window shuts.

We are talking," he told BBC Radio Wales, referring to Tottenham, Real Madrid, and Bale.

"He still loves Spurs.

"It's where he wants to be."

Gareth Bale has two years with Real Madrid and as revealed by the player during the international break, his hands are tied until he is done serving them.

The Welsh was linked with Manchester United as their pursuit for Jadon Sancho seem overshadowed by the player’s transfer demands and huge price value which Dortmund are not willing to lessen.

The Red Devils weighed their options and considered the former Spurs winger as an alternative if Sancho's deal fails yet it seems for the respect Bale has for Daniel Levy's side, he prefers to honor that.



We lost because of 'lazy pressing' - Jose Mourinho blames


Spurs lost to Everton at home on Sunday after a very poor start in their opening fixture; a game the manager remarked poorly about it saying, “I would say it was lazy pressure and when you have lazy pressure, you don't press and you let opponents build from the back and then they have players with incredible quality, which is not just Everton, it's almost everybody in the Premier League.

“When you let them play from the back then they are comfortable with the ball."

Having Gareth Bale on the right of their attack will energize fear and strength in the Spurs line up.

The 31-year-old made 146 appearances in the Premier League and scored 42 goals, providing 20 assists.