Popular Taiwanese actor commits Suicide

Alien Huang, Taiwanese Singer and Actor, dies at 36

Popular Taiwanese actor commits Suicide
Alien Huang

Taiwanese actor-singer-model Alien Huang has died. He was 36.

Local news reports say Huang was found dead in his apartment in Taipei on Wednesday morning, local time. Tapei police said Huang appeared to have died suddenly in his bathroom by accident and that there were no drugs or alcohol or signs of a struggle at the scene. Police are continuing to investigate.

Born Huang Hong-Sheng in Taipei in 1983, he began his career as an entertainer at 18, joining the boy band HC3. He later performed with the band Cosmo. From music he graduated to acting, appearing in films such as Wild and Holiday Dreaming and television series such as Freedom of Half Grown Ups and Mysterious Incredible Terminator.

Huang was well known in Taiwan for presenting the variety show 100% Entertainment. 



Huang chose his English name "Alien" because he hoped to be an indefinable and unique character, just like aliens are, full of creativity and not confined to normality. He has previously also had various other English names, including "Janson" when he was in high school and "Harry" when he was in primary school.

Alien Huang was born in Taipei. His paternal grandfather was originally from Shanghai. He grew up living with his father, younger sister, and paternal grandmother. Although he lived separately from his mother due to his parents' early divorce, they still maintained a close relationship.



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Ever since primary school, his talent in arts and crafts had been evident as his grades were always within the top three for poster-designing projects. When he was in middle school, his father intended to train him to become a professional golf player. However, due to his interest in performing, he decided to apply to HuaGang High School of Performing Arts, where he was accepted after achieving first place out of thousands of applicants.

There, he met classmate Rainie Yang, and they dated for three years. Their relationship ended when Rainie made her debut in the entertainment industry and dropped out of high school. He also put his hosting talents to use by serving as the MC of all major events held at school. In his spare time, he even worked in a fast-food restaurant. He obtained a lifeguard license at the age of 18, and a swimming coach qualification when he was 20 years of age.