People's Manifesto: John Mahama explains the whats and why for choosing the title

The NDC held a Townhall Meeting in Kumasi to elucidate their purpose on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at the KNUST

People's Manifesto: John Mahama explains the whats and why for choosing the title
John Mahama addressing the people

The former president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has given details on what inspired the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to choose the term ‘People’s Manifesto’ as an adjective to their statement of intent when they assume power.



He exposed that since the NDC is a messenger willing to operate with the message of the people, it was necessary to seek ideas from Ghanaians on their challenges in the reign of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and spell them out with solutions, a step he believes will help generate hope in the heart of Ghanaians to make credible decisions in December.

“Our leaders sought the need to explain our manifesto throughout Ghana. You (Ghanaians) gave us the manifesto hence the name, ‘people’s manifesto’, the former president said. You are the ones to direct us on what we must do for you. We are just messengers hence our consultation before coming out with the manifesto. We spoke with doctors, lawyers, fitters, okada drivers, and many stakeholders in different fields,” he added.



He disclosed during a Townhall meeting at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Great Hall in the capital of the Ashanti Region that the incumbent government tagged the NDC in their exercise to seek for the interest of the people as ‘futile in thoughts’ yet in all, the ideas of the people has been immense in their movement.

“The NPP said we are a party futile in thoughts and had nothing to write about for a manifesto. We were not offended because the people we got in touch for ideas are the same people to hand us power.

“Your will is what will be done hence the title ‘People’s Manifesto.’



He charged that the ruling party has begun flooding back key laws they believe will go against them after the launch of the NDC manifesto, a tiptoe approach nicked from the ideas of the NDC beliefs yet as far as it is for the benefit of Ghanaians, it is all for good although it will be best executed by the originators if Ghanaians give them power.



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“When we came out with the manifesto, we have heard the NPP reconsidering certain implementations. We heard the NPP say it was part of their plans to authorize the Okada business in Ghana, they had planned to abolish initially. The teachers licensure exams this year according to them has been sidelined and a whole lot of promises, which was not earlier, mentioned in their manifesto.



“Although we have not yet voted, yet the NPP has begun stealing from a ‘senseless manifesto’.

“This is not our worry. The manifesto is for the country and as far as the concern of the people is what we seek, they can implement our ideas for I believe very well that the NDC will be victorious come December to execute our own words,” he ended.