People who say I killed Bernard Nyarko are mad - Christiana Awuni

Actress calls out lady pastor who claimed that she is behind the late Bishop’s death

People who say I killed Bernard Nyarko are mad - Christiana Awuni
Christiana Awuni

Ghanaian actress, Christiana Awuni has vehemently denied being involved in the death of Bishop Bernard Nyarko.

After the death of Bernard Nyarko, allegations started flying in that the Kumawood actress was directly responsible for his death.

First, the mother of the late Bishop claimed that Christiana was involved in his death because she was the one who put medicine she collected from Obofour in the food of her son. Before a so-called lady pastor claimed that she poisoned the late Bishop Nyarko, whom she claimed was also Christiana's lover, for powers and spiritual fortification.

Christiana Awuni has come out to debunk the accusations, as she gave her side of the story while speaking in an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM. She stated that all the rumors started when the mother of the late actor began peddling lies about her and that she's not surprised at the lady pastor who begun corresponding prophecy.

”It is not just about me. This has been a trend in Ghana for some time now. Anytime an influential figure passes you have crooks and mad people who call themselves pastors pinning their demise on someone. I wonder why they wait for these people to die before speaking up,” Christie said.



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She revealed that she had not seen Bernard for a year before he died and that since he was bedridden in that period, she obviously could not have had anything to do with his death. Even though she was close to him, she stated that they only communicated through phone.

 ”I did not see him for over a year since he fell ill and died so how could I have poisoned him. It is just outrageous. The woman who said this is obviously mad.”

She expressed her surprise at his mother's claim when she knows very well that she had not set eyes on Bishop in over a long period of time. The mother claimed that Reverend Obofour paid Christiana Awuni with a car gift for the death of her son, but Christiana stated that she got the car a long time before the bishop passed away.

The old actress stated that the mother must be confused, pointing out that she has also accused Bishop Obinim of playing a role in the death of her son.