Nigel Gaisie drops 5 prophecies including a fatal one on John Mahama

Prophet says there will be an attack on a Vice Running mate

Nigel Gaisie drops 5 prophecies including a fatal one on John Mahama
Nigel Gaisie

Founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Church, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has emphatically stated that John Mahama of the NDC will be the next president of Ghana.

The controversial prophet uploaded five "prophecies" on his Facebook page. Prophecies which he said were revealed to him as he was dragged into the spirit by God. He disclosed that there would be an attack an unnamed vice running mate, while also saying that a group of people would try to take his life through an orchestrated accident.

According to him, the assailants would try to kill him by crashing his car. He explained that 'they' want to get rid of him because he has been a constant thorn in their flesh. 

He stated that he saw the Chief of Staff coming to him with a heavy heart but a ‘mortal entity’ pulled her back into the darkness. He went on to declare prosperity on Ghana in the year 2021 like he had seen in his vision while adding prophecies about America and Ghana’s neighbors, Burkina Faso.



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These were his exact words:

“The Lord Appeared to me and carried me away in the spirit,in the spirit I saw a **CHIEF OF STAFFf** of a ruling party coming to me with a heavy load on her head! Suddenly,a mortal entity came to distract her and SHE WENT BACK INTO THE DARK…I THEN HEARD A LOUD VOICE IN MY RIGHT EARS SAYING….JOHN MAMAHA WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA…1."

"I saw a SERIOUS ATTACK ON A VICE RUNNING MATE,let them PRAY…2. Ghana Will PROSPER,I SAW IT FROM 2021,MIDYEAR…3.I saw a hatched plan against my person and my church thus they will CRASH MY CAR AND KILL ME BECAUSE,I HAVE BECOME TORN IN THEIR FLESH BUT BE ASSURED THE LORD SEETH ALL THINGS AHEAD OF THEM AND REVEALS IT TO HIS Servants.4.I saw an attack on Bukina Faso 5.I sense a GREAT WIND BLOW ON THE NATION OF AMERICA” he stated.