NABCO embracing nationwide exit pathway programs for employees

The program will help beneficiaries identify where they prefer to make an exit

NABCO embracing nationwide exit pathway programs for employees

Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) is holding nationwide exit path programs for its employees to keep them informed and updated with the current trends in the labor market.

In a statement signed by the NABCO Trainees Association of Ghana (NABTAG) Communications team headed by Akwasi Botchway on Sunday, September 7, 2020, “beneficiaries are preoccupied with identifying their preferred pathway as we make headway to hitting the end of the three-year contract” hence the need for leaders to design such a program which can enhance employees as they draw the curtain to their three year period.

“NABCO offers beneficiaries the opportunity to transition into either permanent employment, entrepreneurship, or further studies. It behooves trainees themselves to conduct an introspection and identify where they prefer to make an exit,” the statement said.

“We cannot have a one size fits all approach to provisioning for permanent employment. In this light, NABTAG finds the ongoing training vitally important to getting trainees well exposed to the available options.



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“One other essential aspect of building an employable experience, which underlines all the necessary values, is embracing the NABCO KPIs (I.e. Knowledge, Punctuality, and Integrity). As we aim at getting permanent employment, let's incorporate these values into our daily duties. As it has always been, employers are interested in what you bring on to the table with your addition to the labor force,” it added.

The training is being held nationwide and beneficiaries are entreated to make it a point to be part in order to make informed decisions regarding their exit pathway choice.

“Note: NABTAG implores all and sundry to fully get involved in the training/workshop. Your compliance is highly necessary as far as the linkage to selecting specific exit pathway factors in trainees' participation.

“Once again, let's appreciate the opportunity given us by the Akuffo-Addo led NPP government to secure our future through job creation,” it ended.