'Michelle Would Leave Me If I Work With Biden' – Obama

Obama predicted that if he accepts an appointment from Joe Biden, his wife Michelle would leave him.

'Michelle Would Leave Me If I Work With Biden' – Obama
Barack Obama

Former United States President, Barack Obama has made clear he has no plans to take a position in Joe Biden’s cabinet, saying if he accepts the appointment, his wife Michelle would probably leave him.

He stated this on Sunday in an interview with CBS.

On how he’ll assist Biden, Obama said his second in command for eight years doesn’t need advice.

“I will help him in any ways that I can. I’m not planning to suddenly work on the White House staff or something," he said.


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''There are some things I would not be doing because Michelle would leave me. She’d be like, what? You’re doing what?”

The publication of Obama’s memoir, Promised Land, comes this week.

The former President disclosed that his career in politics made it tougher for his wife to pursue her law career.

He further revealed that more than once, Michelle decided not to pursue an opportunity that excited her because she put family first.