It's clear that Zidane doesn't want him - Former Madrid president

The player is reported to have lowered his wage demands to move to Spurs.

It's clear that Zidane doesn't want him  - Former Madrid president
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Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon says Gareth Bale’s move back to the Premier League is a great step for the player’s recovery after falling out with Zinedine Zidane.

Bale is determined to reunite with his former side despite Manchester United’s interest having failed to get Jadon Sancho’s deal done.

As to whether Madrid will share the wages of the 31-year old with Spurs is something left to be decided since the London club could not be in afford the weekly demands of the former winger.

The Independent has reported that the Madrid player has lowered his wage demand instead seeking a salary close to £250,000-a-week.

Speaking to Sky Sports on the player’s decision, Ramon Calderon believes the loan move ends up becoming a long-lasting stay judging that, the player after the current season will enter the final year of his contract.

"If it's Tottenham that he wants to go to, I'm sure he'll go there. I don't have personal knowledge of his intentions or the terms of the deal, but apparently it looks to be Tottenham,” he said.



Spurs is where Bale wants to be - Agent confirms


"Sometimes when the salary of the player wanting to leave Real Madrid is very high, we've shared part of that salary but I don't know if that's going to be the case now.

"He came here being the MVP from Tottenham, but now the point is to see if he can recover his time as a good player as it's clear that Zinedine Zidane doesn't count on him. It's the time to end this situation and for me, it's the best moment to do that.

"I suppose it will be [a permanent deal]. He has two years left on his contract so if he leaves this season, I feel he would stay at the new club for the rest of his career. He has three or four more years at a good level, so if he goes to Tottenham maybe he will finish his career there.

Asked whether Spurs are planing of involving Dele Alli int he deal to make it a permanent one, the former Madrid leader said, "I don't know if Dele Alli will be part of the deal, but I don't think Tottenham would want to let him go as he's a very good player.

"Any big team would want to have him in their side."