Is Ace Hood trying to revive is career with Sarkodie? Read reactions

Ace hood disproves Sarkodie’s Statement on their ‘New Guy’ collaboration

Is Ace Hood trying to revive is career with Sarkodie? Read reactions

American Rapper, Ace Hood, has claimed that Sarkodie is a pathological liar.

He made this statement in response to Sarkodie's claim that he was the first person to reach out for their collaboration 'New Guy' in June 2015. Sarkodie had earlier said that Ace Hood and his team reached out to him for the feature in a bid to promote the song on Starr FM. 

According to Sarkodie, it was supposed to be part of his 'Mary' album, but he could not announce it because he was not sure whether Ace Hood and his team were trying to play tricks on him. It was even rumored that he paid Ace Hood $25,000 for the feature.

“Such a call makes you feel like a prank but I got a call from my agent in the States who told me that Ace Hood contacted,” he stated.

Ace Hood has now said that the statement is untrue, as no such thing had happened. He, however, did not narrate the event from his own end. He only stated that the statement was a lie while wishing Sarkodie well in the rest of his endeavors.



Split opinions were immediately created on social media, as Sarkodie's fans started questioning why their Stan would lie about an ordinary collaboration. The video of the interview was posted on Twitter after another fan questioned Sarkodie's integrity on the statement.

Fans have now said the Ace hood is trying to revive his dead career with Sarkodie's issue because he knows that only a top dog can give him a trending presence.




While others have stated that Ace hood has nothing to gain from telling lies since he is bigger than Sarkodie.



Ungrateful artistes only have one future - Kaywa


A section have given Sarkodie the benefit of the doubt to come and clear his name.






The onus is now on Sarkodie as to whether he will clear the air or remain silent.