I only know one thing with Alcohol and Cigarettes- Guru

Ghanaian artiste, Guru, reveals that he has never taken alcohol and cigarettes as he only knows to trash them

I only know one thing with Alcohol and Cigarettes- Guru
Guru NKZ

Ghanaian artiste, Guru has confessed that he does not know how to smoke and drink since he never learned it whiles growing.

He admitted that he is used to trashing substances, especially considering the fact that celebrities are mostly associated with them.

Guru maintained that in his eyes, smoking and drinking is an abominable act stating that anyone who frequently indulges in such acts is irresponsible, immoral, and not good role models for the younger ones.

The artiste maintained that he knows a lot of people think he is a smoker due to his mannerism and a lot of fans associated alcohol with him because of the way he sometimes behaves, he emphatically stated that he neither smokes nor drinks in a recent interview.



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He mentioned that even when he was alone in the streets with nothing to turn to, he never once sought solace in alcohol nor did he seek for respite in weed. 

"I wanted to create something for myself and my mum wasn’t in Ghana so I was all alone and you had no one to assist you in any way so you build a family with the people you walk with. But what makes me happy is the fact that there are certain things I never got myself hooked up with for instance how to smoke and drink”. 

“It would be difficult for me even now. Drinking alcohol wasn’t my thing and didn’t chase women as well,” he added.