“Ghanaian media is being paid to treat some artistes differently” - Asem

Rapper reveals that the media is being paid to be biased towards certain artistes.

“Ghanaian media is being paid to treat some artistes differently” - Asem

Ghanaian rapper, Asem has lashed out the Ghanaian media for their unsolicited "propaganda" against certain artistes.

The rapper claims that the media take money from certain artistes before airing their songs, which indirectly means artiste who have no money cannot have their songs promoted. He also took the opportunity to irritate Sarkodie on their recent beefs rating his works as better than the artiste of the decade.

Asem went on a long rant against the media, chastising them for their "despicable act.

"And to all you swine media pork show hosts your time is coming with your biased one sided perspective. Because of skin pain and noko fio you go chop, you guys are the rot and main reason y d industry is not growing. You think your actions won’t be accounted for?God is watching”.

"You know the number of artiste ASEM wrote whole songs for? without even asking for a feature or forcing myself on the song?You know the artists careers we started and helped behind the scenes out of pure love not as a ploy to steal their shine? Do your research Ask about me ASEM. “


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"You little boys need to learn when to say when, mine was a calculated move and you fell for it .Your uneducated fans have led you to believe you can rap now you’re hiding ? You Dey Rap ? Come rap make we see. Always waiting for up n coming artiste to blow up then u do ahohyehy3.”

“No More Kpayor was released almost a decade ago that thrash song you dropped doesn’t match up to it from beat to bars its below average .Till this day my Last Fylla and your nonfa Irish cream line exposed you as the fraud that you are. It’s nothing personal I’m a better rapper.”

“After I replied, Sokoi realized he has bitten more than he can chew so he rushed to the studio to record a whole diss song about me hoping I reply with a song too, you think I have time to waste studio time over you? We can do it on the streets accapella over beats anytime. ASEM.”

“I was already rapping and doing my freestyle Friday series as a way to entertain and keep Asemblers engaged as I prepare to release new music.Let history record that he dissed me first in that Appiatus beat challenge freestyle ,then I also replied with freestyle.”

“We Dey talk rap ah you say you get money pass me ? So what ? Has rap become a money contest now ? you’re bragging about your wealth do you have a million dollars ? When i started making $$ u was a studio rat at last two,until I get a billi im going to stay hussling and humble.”

“Ebey like Sokoi Nation Fans tire me? Lol you people have given up ? Well ASEMblers never give up you ain’t seen nothing,your fav rapper is a konko rapper he will never be as lyrical as ASEM forget about the awards he paid for and fan fools we are talking bar for bar he shaaaaa.”