Fans lambast Lilwin for for uploading naked videos on his Instagram page

Actor gets embarrassed for posting indecent images on his social media page

Fans lambast Lilwin for for uploading naked videos on his Instagram page

Over the past two days, fans of Kumawood Actor, Lilwin have been condemning him for his unrepentant use of indecent images on his Instagram page in a bid to promote his new song.

The actor has been uploading videos of girls dancing almost naked to his new single on his social media pages in quick succession in the space of 48 hours. This has caused his die-hard fans to hold him to account for his newly found repulsive behavior.

Lilwin, who admitted that he knows that Ghanaians will only trend negative things, has bought into the gimmick by using the videos of the almost naked girls to promote his song. Despite the hefty backlash he has received from his own fans, the actor still continues to upload the videos to date, using them to generate thousands of views and comments.



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Lilwin possesses  2million followers on Instagram. Out of those he only gets a meager fraction of 50 thousand likes per post. Since he started uploading the videos however, Lilwin's views have spiked to over 100 thousand per post. This means that the actor might not consider putting a stop to his antics anytime soon because of the profit he stands to gain from the views.

The actor has perfectly disguised his strategy under the cover of him doing a challenge for his song. The winner of the challenge charged the #Kpoo challenge will bag a total amount of GHC1,000. The challenge will end on the 26th of August.

See the videos and the reactions below. 


Backlash from a section of the fans

Comments section of sexy yaa’s video

Comment section of baa’s video