Because I defend weed smokers doesn’t mean I’m one - Rex Omar

Ghanaian entertainment stakeholder clarifies that he respects Weed smokers, but he doesn’t take part in smoking

Because I defend weed smokers doesn’t mean I’m one - Rex Omar
Rex Omar

Highlife artiste, Rex Omar has cleared the air once and for all that although he has nothing against people who smoke weed, he will never take weed for himself.

Rex Omar, the President of Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) said this while Speaking with Dr. Cann on Happy98.9FM’s Showbiz Xtra.

The entertainment stakeholder admitted that the drug ruins lives but the issues of it ruining lives should not be mixed with whether or not the substance is safe for artistes to take. He conceded that only the artiste is fit to dictate what is safe and what is not safe for his/her self.

“There are artistes that if you call on them for shows, it is stated in their contract that you must provide them with weed backstage. That is what will help him do his work so you must provide it.



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"I don’t take weed yet I don’t have a problem with anyone who takes weed. We are sometimes too judgemental. If you eat kontomire and someone likes weed, they are both herbs so what moral right do you have to judge that person?”,

The veteran musician further explained that it can only take the grace of God to steer clear of talent fuels such as drugs.

“A lot of artistes are tricked into doing drugs by the labels they work with. In most cases, they’re tricked into these things and that was the level I got to until I left. It was only by the Grace of God"

“Because they’re passionate about success, they want to play till the end. And when their managers see this, they start to hook them on drugs to enhance their performance and help them overcome fatigue. After taking the drugs continually, they get hooked to it.” he concluded.